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As I watched the UHAUL go the opposite direction in my rear view mirror, I choked back tears and thought back to the first time that we met. It seemed ironic that it began distinctly backwards. It was me that was driving up in the UHAUL one Friday morning 14 months ago.

“Do you need help with those boxes?” Susan asked after coming home to find me unloading my things and moving in.

“You can but you don’t have to.” I replied. She immediately grabbed two and headed into my room asking me where I would like the boxes. She then went out again and again until all the boxes were safely stowed in my room.

“Let me know if you need anymore help.” She said as she set the last box down.

“Thank you I will.” I replied knowing that I wouldn’t ask her for help because I didn’t want to be a bother.

Looking back I didn’t have a clue as to what God was doing and how He was giving me a kindred spirit to be a constant companion and friend to me over the next year.

Susan and I both lived with Geoff and Stacy, a young married couple who had people live with them to help with the rent, and live in community with other believers. Susan and I were single 26 and 27 year old Christian women when we moved in together and little did I know that it would be the beginning of a friendship that I cherish in ways I never could have imagined.

Over the last fourteen months, she has been an amazing friend. She daily shows me an example of how I should be living as a Christian woman and how giving to others freely is easier than it sounds. She does it effortlessly and doesn’t think about herself. She has advised me, listened to me when I cried, comforted me when I had my heart broken. She has truly been the true meaning of a friend. Over the past year, we have come to laugh at the same jokes, cry at the same things, support one another in hard times, encourage one another and point each other back to the Bible when one of us has lost sight (it was usually me that needed the pointing).

The time came for us to move and without talking about it directly we both knew that we would do it together and help each other in every step of the move. We knew that even though we wouldn’t be living together, we had to move together. It was Susan who rented the UHAUL and then told me that we would move me first in the morning with the UHAUL that she rented. It took us one full day to pack us both up and say goodbye to the house that we lived in and our year together.

As she drove away, I wondered if she knew how she changed me as a person and as a friend. We now live a ten minute drive away and are both completely blessed with the situations that God has placed us in. I honestly think that a piece of me will always miss coming home and hanging out with her at the end of each day, but I also know that God has only closed the chapter of our lives where we live together and not the chapter of our friendship. I am blessed beyond belief to have her in my life, and look forward to the next stage of our friendship one that requires more work than just a four step walk down the hall.

Fun Post

I realized that my last two posts were serious, and I wanted to write one that wasn’t as serious. I mean, I am a fun girl. Okay, so random things about me that I think would be fun to share.

1. I love musicals. I wish I was in a musical every day of my life.

2. I qtip my ears every day. It is very important to have good ear health and it feels so nice to have clean ears.

3. I sing loudly in the car. I don’t so much dance, but I do love to sing. I also am unashamed of my singing. I will sing for everyone to see me.

4. I am accident prone and in 2006/2007 I broke my tailbone twice. I wouldn’t recommend doing it. It really hurts and then you can’t sit right for years. It is not fun. I also once got hit in the head by four boats and fell down a flight of concrete stairs within three days.

5. I talk abundantly after 10:00pm or so. I get really chatty and can’t stop talking even if I want to. I say all sorts of funny things because I loose my filter due to being tired.

6. I get really excited about marshmellows. I love them. There couldn’t be a better snack or dessert. I also love all things made with marshmellows.

Well that is all for now, I will probably think of other things later.

Luke 9:57-58

“As they were going along the road, someone said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.” And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”” Luke 9:57-58

The title of these verses in my Bible is “The Cost of Following Jesus.” The verses and the cost has never meant so much to me. Growing up I never moved once my entire life. I grew up in the house that I came home from the hospital to. I never realized how different that was, or how used I got to not changing. I moved to Biola and I had a slew of different roommates, but I stayed on or near campus the whole time. It was normal. Then there were my two years years in the trailer. Since moving to Simi Valley I have moved five times, and the sixth time will happen in the next two months.

The people that I am living with are moving and that brings about two different emotions. The first one is extreme sadness, the people that I currently live with are my family here. I consider them my brother and sister. I am so excited for what they are moving onto, but so sad that they are going to not be a daily part of my life. The second emotion is fear, fear that my entire life is going to change again, fear that I will be alone, fear that this is not the last move that I will have to make.

The hardest part of moving is knowing that nothing in my life is consistent. It is a reminder of my singleness. I guess I have the idea that once a person get married moving happens less. It may be a wrong perception, but once a person gets married, they have one thing that is consistent: a husband or wife. Moving makes me remember that I don’t have that one consistent thing.

This move is a challenge for me to daily remember that though I don’t have a husband, I do have God who promises that He will never leave me. He is my constant and it is my job to remember that every day of my life. So often I forget his faithfulness, and love. I assume that because I currently don’t have a place to live that for some reason, He has forgotten about me but the truth is, I have forgotten him. I have forgotten His faithfulness. I have forgotten His promises. I need to remember that I have a Savior, a Savior who is faithful to me in all my changes, and is knowledgeable of every aspect of my life. The trick is to keep my eyes focused on the Savior rather than focusing on what I perceive the problem to be. I need to remember that He is faithful even though I am not.

My First Blog

Well, I started blogging a few years back and then stopped after one blog. Well, I decided to start again out of a desire to write down my thoughts, journal more about what I am doing in life so that I don’t forget it some day, and discipline myself to write often. I am not expecting many people to read this, but maybe someone will find an interest in it. My life is fairly ordinary, but God works in ordinary, hence the name of this blog.

I titled it “Insignificant Details” because of my studies of the books of Ruth and Esther in the Old Testament. One commentary I read while researching Ruth mentioned looking for all the seemingly insignificant details that encompassed the story of Ruth. After finishing teaching Ruth I began reading and researching the book of Esther I couldn’t help but notice the same insignificant details throughout the book. Our lives are much like this. There are many seemingly insignificant details that happen every single day of our lives, but those of us that know Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior realize that these details are not seemingly insignificant, but that they are a part of the plan that God has set forth for our lives from the beginning of time.

God orchestrates seemingly insignificant details according to His will for us. Our problem is that we don’t tend to see God in the midst of all the details that seem so insignificant.