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Our Miraculous God Thing News

The story that you are about to read is an amazing thing that God has done in our family’s life.  We have been blown away.  God is working in the details. Here is the story, which is jam packed full of all the insignificant details that God weaved together to write this amazing story. 

We have known for around a year that we would have to move out of our house somewhere between February 15th and March 15th.  Ryan is working full time and so we decided that I would look for places and we would then visit them together.  I have been anxious about this for about a year.  We work in ministry so we can’t afford much rent and we have been getting a sweet deal since we have been married in an amazing house.  We knew that we would be downsizing and that we would be paying more in rent to live, no matter where we moved, so it has been stressful thinking about it all.  

Over the years since we have married, I have realized that owning a house is not something that we would ever be able to do, we just don’t make enough money to be able to save for a down payment.  With the move coming, we thought about buying, but it was unrealistic.  

God was also working on my heart.  In December, He was whispering to me to view this change as a good thing, that He was making all things new and I needed to be positive about the upcoming change. 

I wanted to expand my search for housing and posted online in January that we were looking for a place, hoping to broaden my search and hoping a friend would know of something.  I got a couple of good leads, but then it quieted down.  A couple of days later I received an email from a professor at Eternity.  He and his family were moving to South Africa as missionaries and they were wondering if we would be interested in renting their house.  It fit our budget and our perimeters, so we scheduled a meeting with them a few days later on a Sunday. 

On the way to the meeting, Ryan mentioned that he needed to take this house tour seriously. We got there and found a cute little three bedroom, one bath house. We toured the house not sure if it would be a fit for us.  At the end of the meeting we all sat down on the couch and talked.  As we were talking, they mentioned that they would be willing to sell the house.  Then they threw out a couple of numbers for what they would want for the house, they didn’t want to make a profit, but wanted to get out of the house what they owned on it.  Both numbers felt within reach, but Ryan was on the other side of the couch and we were just listening.  They then shared that they were not quite funded to move to South Africa.  We left their house and got in the car.  My mind was racing thinking that we could buy the house. I don’t know if Ryan or I said it first, but we were both thinking it.  We didn’t know if it would be a good fit for a rental, but we would love to buy it.  

Ryan sent an email that night asking what they would want to sell the house for.  They emailed us back with a number that was mentioned the night before.  The number was much below market value for the house.  Ryan wrote him back and said that he would be better getting a realtor and selling it because it was worth more, and asked what they would need to sell the house for them to be fully funded.  They wrote us back, upping the original price to a price which was still within reach for our budget and below market value for the house. 

Ryan told him that we would like to buy the house if we could get the loan to buy the house.  On Monday and Tuesday, we met and talked with the people in our life that help us make decisions, our parents, the men that the Lord has placed over us at church and a dear friend who knows the area and pros and cons of houses here.  Resoundingly, we heard yes.  You should do this.  They counseled us that if we could get a loan to get it for the entire amount we need to give them the full amount they were asking for.  This is what Christians should do, help each other out.  They are helping us by selling us a house for below market value and we are helping them by giving them the amount that they need to get out on the mission field. 

We still weren’t sure about the loan, but we were given the name of a man who has helped some of the Eternity staff buy houses.  He helps out Christians because he is a Christian and wants to be a blessing.  Ryan worked hard to get together all the needed paperwork on Wednesday.  He asked us to meet on Thursday morning at 6:30am.  He encouraged us so much and helped us understand the process.  He said that a loan was doable and that he would start processing the paperwork but that we needed a contract with them saying that we were buying the house.  We got home and emailed the homeowner, letting him know that we were funded and going to buy the house.  He emailed us back with a big, “Praise God!”

On that Thursday morning, I was struck by all that God has done in four days.  I sat and cried in my husband’s arms (at Disneyland, of course, oh the irony) proclaiming all that God has done for us.  We have been in a season of sadness and quietness from God.  So many sad things have happened in our lives since being married and we just would pray that the season would be over soon, and then another sad thing would happen.  That, matched with the overwhelming feeling that God was being quiet in our lives, was so rough, but true to what God was whispering to me back in December, He is making all things new.  There are still sad things all around us, that overwhelm us both at times, but in the midst of the sadness, God gave us a gift, a place that we could call our own, a miracle house, that couldn’t be done without his doing.  He gave us joy and happiness in the midst of the sadness and he answered a desire of our hearts in a huge way.

So, today, after about a month and a half of being under contract for the house, we finally closed.  Something that I never thought in a million years that we would do.  God has led us in every step.  We have been blessed beyond our wildest imaginations.  We own our own little house in a city that we love.  You can expect a blog tour soon. 

 Ephesians 3:20-21


Our New House


I will be posting more pictures as the house gets in order.  There are a lot of projects that we have been working on.  I am excited to show you more. 

The Club that No One Wants to Be In

I have officially joined the club that no one wants to be in.  The club filled with women who have babies who they will never hold this side of Heaven.  I was seven weeks, six days pregnant when I found out that I would be losing my baby. A baby that was planned for, prayed for, rejoiced over and celebrated. A baby that was due on March 28, 2015.

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and I feel ready to share my story.  I think one of my biggest fear is that this baby will be forgotten.  This was a baby that was so loved and covered in prayer every day that we knew we were pregnant (and before I got pregnant).

In a lot of ways, the fact that I was pregnant at all doesn’t seem real the more and more time that passes since the miscarriage.  The fact that at one point I had a baby growing inside of me and now I don’t seems like a dream.  Was I actually pregnant?  Yes.  Did I ever get to see the baby?  No.  Does that make the loss harder?  I don’t know. I haven’t experienced anything different.

This miscarriage has made me unsure about a lot of things, it has made me feel like my body has betrayed me, it makes me wonder if I will ever be able to carry a baby full term again, and it makes me wonder why this happened after a perfect pregnancy with my son.   But in all the questioning, I know that God hasn’t forsaken me.  This is a plan that He had for me, and although I have yet to figure out why it has happened, I trust Him with my life and I trust Him with my unborn baby.

So, this is my public declaration that I am in the club now.  A club that so many women before me are in and a club that so many women after me will be in.  A club that no one wants to be in.  I will be sharing more details about my miscarriage in the days to come.  I want people to know what happened.  I need people to know what happened.

This was a life, a life that was growing inside of me and now this life is gone.  I was pregnant and now I am not. Honestly, I am still figuring out how to process that.

Miscarriage Quote


I met Andy just as I had met many before him, on a tour of EBC. Shortly after meeting him on that tour, I accepted him into the school. Nothing about the story so far is unique. He is a typical student. The story develops into a friendship one day after orientation when I moved. I invited some students to help and Andy showed up. That day he, along with other students helped me move into a new place. However, Andy ended up helping me measure my new room (using his arms) to figure out where all of my furniture would go. I was so excited to have him help me in that way as it was a pretty stressful day.


After that, our houses would hang out every now and again, but I always appreciated how he helped me that moving day. In January of his first year, he moved to a different house of guys and this is where the story gets more exciting. My future husband lived at the house that Andy moved into, and that is where Andy gets woven into the story of how my husband and I feel in love and started dating.

After a rough day, Ryan and I were talking and I mentioned that I missed watching American Idol. He mentioned that they had it DVR’d at their house and that I could come over and watch it. I told him that I wasn’t the type of girl that went to guys houses, but he told me that I could. I started going over to the guys house every Saturday. For the first week or two I watched American Idol by myself. Then, Andy joined me. We would watch Haley, Casey, James, Pia, Scotty and Lauren together and discuss their performances. Ryan joined us after another couple of weeks. Because Andy was always there, I never felt weird around Ryan. We became friends without any weirdness because Andy was there.   Andy knew that Ryan and I liked each other and he was secretly hoping we both knew it too. Ryan and I took Andy to lunch before he left for camp over the summer and told him that we were dating. He was excited for us and I knew that I wouldn’t have fallen in love with Ryan had Andy not been there. I would have been too weird and too freaked out to talk normally to Ryan, but I was comfortable because Andy was there. He will forever be a part of our story and I am so grateful.

Flash forward a few months, Ryan and I got married (Andy caught the garter at our wedding) and we asked Andy if he would want to live with us the next Fall. He moved in at the end of August. I would make meals and we would all eat together, watch Survivor together and hang out around the house. He was the perfect roommate for us. We all got along great and liked being around each other.


He was one of the first people to know that I was pregnant. We told him just after we found out and he kept our secret for months. He watched me grow bigger and bigger over the first year living with us.   He was excited to meet our boy.

Andy left for the summer just before our son was born. He finally got to meet him in August when he returned to move in with a three month old and his tired parents. He immediately became Uncle Andy to our son.


Our son lights up when he sees Andy. He loves to play hide and seek with him and to try to get into his room to hang out with his cool Uncle Andy. Andy has loved him well and has loved Ryan and I well as we transitioned to be parents.

This last week Andy finished his education at Eternity Bible College. He is moving back to Wisconsin to do exactly what God wants him to do. As much as my head knows this, my heart is breaking to lose someone who has been such a big part of my life and such a good and faithful friend to my husband, my son and me. Every day my son lights up when he sees Andy and it hurts my heart knowing that in a day he won’t have that joy of seeing Andy everyday. He is young and he may forget Andy, but I know that Ryan and I never will. We do hope that he comes back and visits and tells us of all that the Lord has done in His life. We hope that he will visit us often and Jack will always know his amazing Uncle Andy.

It makes heaven so much sweeter knowing that we don’t have to say goodbye anymore there.

Andy, thank you. I am so grateful for how you have ministered to my family and me. I am so grateful for all the ways that you help, listen, encourage and love us. I am grateful that you have given us so much of yourself and that you have celebrated so many important moments in our lives so far. I am grateful for how you have been such a good friend to me for the past four years. I am forever grateful that the Lord had us cross paths. I praise Him for you. Thank you for how you have loved us. We will miss you so much. Please come back and visit, or better yet, move back in with us in August. No matter where the Lord takes you, remember that you will always have family in California. We love you.

9 Years

Nine years ago, I was nervously getting ready in a hotel room after my move to start working at Eternity. I was getting dressed after ironing my outfit.  I chose a gray skirt with black details at the bottom that was form fitted but not too tight and a white bohemian shirt that tied at the neck.

I left the hotel really nervous and excited to start my new job.  There are so many things that I didn’t know when I started at Eternity, but I am so glad that the Lord has had me here for the last nine years.

When I started at Eternity, I only knew one person on staff, and some junior high students and their pastor who came to a camp I was previously working at.  It didn’t take long for friendships to start and for me to feel at home in my new workplace.

I was surrounded by people (students, staff and faculty) that were seeking after God’s own heart in all that they did.  They wanted to be at Eternity Bible College and wanted to learn about Jesus so that they could serve him better.  At the beginning, I was just the Director of Admissions.  For nine years I have read every application that has come into Eternity.  I have prayed over applicants, been moved by applicants and been amazed to read God’s redemption stories in each of our students.  God is alive and well, he is working and I got to read that in hundreds of stories through the years that proved that to me over and over.

Shortly after arriving at Eternity, I got to start mentoring girls.  I have had many different “DLABs” through my nine years and have lived with two different houses filled with girls from Eternity and beyond.  I expected to pour my life out and give all that I have to loving and caring for the students at Eternity.  What I didn’t expect was for mentoring relationships to turn into friendships and encouragement in my life.  I didn’t expect to mentor someone who would in turn become one of my best friends and would stand next to me in my wedding.  I didn’t expect to get back as much love as I gave and to be driven closer to the Lord through the girls who I was privileged to serve at Eternity.  I didn’t expect to love the girls that I have mentored through the years as much as I do, and I didn’t expect that love not to fade.

As the years went by, I gained more positions at the college, Director of Student Life, Registrar, Food Services Manager, Director of Disability Services and Travel Coordinator to name a few official and unofficial roles that I have played in the college.  Each one has grown me and changed me.

I used to be much more high strung and simple things used to really cause me to stress out.  The nine years here have mellowed me.  It is hard for me to get too stressed out anymore.  I have learned grace, patience and kindness, both towards others and towards myself.

I have gained family.  My coworkers are my family who know me so well and have prayed for me and challenged me over the years in my walk with God.  They have loved me well and desired God’s best for me.  I am a better person and Christian because I have them in my life.  I am blessed by each of them and how they challenge and love me.  They have led me to Christ so many times; their examples of how to love Jesus have changed me.  They have caused me to rely on Jesus more, to store up Scripture in my heart and to trust in God even when it was hard.

Over the last two years I have gained two more titles: wife and mom.  In a few short weeks I will leave Eternity as a full time staff member to be a stay at home mom.  I will still work for Eternity part-time, but I won’t be doing the things that I have been doing for the past nine years.  Honestly, I am so scared to make this transition, but I know that God has had me every step of the last nine years and He won’t leave me now.

I have never taken a class for credit at Eternity Bible College but this college has shaped my life and changed me in so many amazing ways.  I have cherished all of the last nine years of being on staff here.  Glory to God for all that He has done.  Thank you Lord.




The Fall 2005 Eternity Staff: Sameer, Joshua, Geoff, Linda, Me, Katie and Spencer.

A Day in the Life- Monday, December 2nd

Monday is my hardest day of the week.  I wanted to document what the day looks like so that I don’t forget.  My hubby teaches for 9 hours on Monday and I prepare two meals for his students.  Breakfast and Dinner.  I have the boy all day while my hubby teaches and I am also responsible to work at my job while I do all of this.

Here is the schedule today:

6:30am- My boy wakes up and I feed him and change him.

7:00am- Check the recipes for breakfast and set out the serving utensils and paper plates etc. Start laundry for my boy.

7:30am- Get the cinnamon rolls that I made last night out of the oven to be cooked. Preheat the oven.

7:45am- Quickly get ready for the day: hair, makeup, and get dressed.

8:00am- Put the cinnamon rolls in the oven. Start cracking eggs for scrambled eggs. Make the frosting from scratch for the cinnamon rolls.

8:30am – Students arrive and breakfast comes out of the oven/off the stove and the food gets good reviews.  It was my first time making cinnamon rolls. Also, the boy goes down for his morning nap.  I do dishes between now and 9.

9:00am- The first class starts.   I use nap time to chop food for tonight: onions and sausage.  The hubby prepped all of the other veggies for dinner last night.

9:25am- My boy wakes up.  Head back to my room to feed him.

9:45am- Put the boy in his Jumperoo and log onto my email to work.  Answer emails while smiling at my son and making sure he knows that I am watching him.  There are big mirror closet doors in my room so that helps.  Answer emails as quickly as I can.

11:15am- Change the boy’s diaper and put him down for a nap.  Run out to the kitchen to make the cornbread for tonight.  Make two pans of cornbread.

12:00pm- Class is out and I start to make myself lunch.

12:15pm- The boy wakes up early.  I get him, put him in a chair in the kitchen and continue making lunch and waiting for the corn bread to finish.

12:30pm- Cornbread is finished, go back to my room and feed my son.

1:00pm- Meet with the girl that I disciple to talk life.

2:00pm- The second class starts. I take the boy back to the bedroom to hang out and play until nap time.

2:30pm- I put the boy down for a nap. I quickly answer more emails and send out some registration emails.  Prepare the kitchen for the evening meal.

3:50pm- I wake the boy up so that I have time to feed him and start cooking to have dinner ready at 5:00pm.

4:10pm- I start the Jambalya.  The boy is in a chair with me in the kitchen.  Once the Jambalya is cooking, I start to make rice krispie treats for the students. I also put out the salad, salad dressing, corn bread and butter.

5:00pm- Class is over and dinner isn’t quite ready, the rice didn’t set.

5:10pm- Dinner is ready and put it out.  The students start eating.  As they finish something I try to clean it.  The students and my hubby watch the boy while I get everything done.  I also eat during this time.

6:00pm- Class starts and I get things ready to feed my son some sweet potatoes.  He is a bit impatient as he loves to eat them and doesn’t want to stop.  I think he straight up sucks the food down rather than enjoying it.  It reminds me of me.  Note to self: break the boy of eating fast, teach him to enjoy food.

6:30pm- Head back to the room.  Have some tummy time with my boy and try to get him to learn how to make consonant and vowel noises.

7:00pm- Feed my son.

7:20pm- Change my boy’s diaper and get him in his Jammies.

7:25pm- Read him the “Going to Bed Book” twice.  Rock him while reading.

7:30pm- Put the boy down awake. Tell him I love him and shut the door.

7:35pm- Go out to the kitchen and start cleaning the dishes from dinner.  Dry and put away all dishes that I can. Start the dishwasher.

8:15pm- Come back to the room stopping at the dryer to get out the clothes that I washed this morning.  Check my email again.

8:20pm- Fold clothes and pick a cheesy movie to watch.  Start this blog.

9:00pm- Class ends (my hubby is done with his 9 hours of teaching)! Sit in bed blogging and watching the cheesy movie.

9:25pm- Go and put the clothes away in my boy’s room try not to wake him at all.

9:30pm-Finish this blog while my hubby reads a book next to me.

That wasn’t all of my day but it was most of it (there were more diaper changes etc). For the most part I am super glad that I get to serve the college students by feeding them and that I get to hang out with my boy at home while working but it is somewhat exhausting as well.  Monday’s are so exhausting, but it gets the day over and we can move onto Tuesday.

Insignificant Details of November

Each month I will write down some insignificant details that happened.  Some months it will be each day and some months it will be a summary.  This is so that I can see the insignificant details that God is working together in my life for His story.  They usually aren’t big events, but God is working in all of the details big or small.

The details:

November 1- The in-laws came into town to visit and watch the boy.

November 2- Date day with my hubby.  Massages. Sushi. Despicable Me 2. Pasadena. El Cholo Cafe. Yogurtland.  Time spent with my hubby without the boy.  It was a gift.

November 3- Malibu. Paradise Cove Beach Cafe.

November 4- An answered prayer.

November 5- Prayers from a friend.  A church friend helping me with something important. A mild panic attack that reminded me that God is with me at all times.

November 6th- Peace for something coming.

November 7th- Student lunch with some previous graduates that are reaching unreached people groups.  So encouraging.  A tough conversation that closed a door for me.

November 8th- Broomball and old friends coming into town.

November 9th- A day with the boy, shopping and getting stuff done.

November 10th- Almost finishing the boy’s room.  (he is almost six months old).

November 11th- Foundations breakfast and dinner.  Seeing God work in the lives of students.

November 12th- Getting broken by my physical therapist and knowing that I am slowly healing from giving birth to the boy.

November 13th- An encouraging conversation at work. Seeing the body of Christ work. Total body pain from physical therapy. Making cookies for my man.  Running into my friend Alison at Cost Plus after talking that day about missing her.

November 14th- Free blogging with the hubby after he cleaned the kitchen for me. Snuggles with my boy.

November 15th- Dinner with family, a funny movie, the end of a long work week.

November 16th- Visiting the library, park and having my son see ducks for the first time.  Rolling around on the floor playing as a family.

November 17th- Getting to grocery shop alone.  Taking a 1.5 hour nap on the couch.

November 18th- Discovering the music of Ellie Holcomb while giving my boy zerberts and listening to him laugh.

November 19th-  A huge answer to prayer for my hubby and I. Hanging out with Elyse, videoing my boy laughing while bouncing in his jumperoo.  Snuggling with him while he cries.

November 20th- A crock pot meal, baby falling asleep easily, a great discussion with the hubby about our future.

November 21st- Another crock pot meal, some shopping for the roommate’s birthday breakfast and dinner.

November 22nd- Two of my favorite people’s Birthdays! Clean bill of health for the boy at his six month appointment.

November 23rd- My boy’s 6 month birthday and a party for our roommate.

November 24th- Day at home, watched an excellent sermon on podcast, asked for forgiveness from hubby and received it. The boy tried solids for the first time.

November 25th- An amazing day at work with the boy.

November 26th- Time to myself at night.

November 27th- A half day and preparing for Thanksgiving.

November 28th- Being about to play football with my hubby’s family.  Introducing my boy to a side of my hubby’s family that I haven’t seen yet, thankful hearts.

November 29th- A great deal on a gift for my boy for Christmas. Getting to visit the Getty Villa with my inlaws.  Seeing an ancient artifact of a King mentioned in Scripture.

November 30th- Movie date to Hunger Games while my in-laws watched the boy. Turkey “leftovers” that I made fresh.

There are so many insignificant details this month that have helped me grow and helped my relationship with the Lord grow. If I hadn’t been keeping tabs on each day this month I could probably have said that I didn’t see God do much.  I would have stayed in my full-time wife, full-time mom, full-time job fogginess and wouldn’t have seen the little things that added up to my story of what God has done.  He has blessed me with in-laws that drive 6 hours to watch our boy so that the hubby and I can go out.  He has started to put pieces together for changes that are coming with my family. He is working.  God is showing me in the little things what I have missed about His tender love.  He is the only reason that my life makes sense.  I so often forget that He is working in all things.  He hasn’t forgotten about me. That is a truth that I need to remind myself of each day.

The Insignificant Details: Jumpkick and Kickstarter

I have developed a love for Kickstarter.  There is something about helping someone have a dream come true that I just love.  I got hooked on Kickstarter because a show that I have always loved started a Kickstarter to get a movie made.  (Veronica Mars).  I was able to become a backer and the movie is in the process of being made, it felt amazing to support something that I had hoped for.

My hubby loves Kickstarter as well.  He has backed two different board games that we hope to play with our boy some day.  Robot Turtles, a game that will teach our son the basics of computer programming and a game called Kings of Israel which should help our boy understand the Old Testament a bit more.

I have some friends who are amazing at building websites, programs, etc.  A while ago I was talking to one of them at an event.  He mentioned that they were building a website called Jumpkick which helps people to find Kickstarter projects that they may want to support. Well, the website finally launched earlier this week.  I excitedly went and checked it all out.  

While browsing I saw a graphic for a “Rising Star” (now “Overachiever”) that had the tagline, “I wrote 10 brand new songs with scripture woven into the melodies. I need your help to record & share them. Let’s make music together!”  It was for an artist named Ellie Holcomb.  Someone whom I had never heard of.  I clicked on the graphic and was led to her Kickstarter page.  I watched her video and fell in love with what I saw. 

Jumpkick Screenshot

I quickly went to youtube to try to listen to some of her other music.  The best way that I can describe what I heard was that it was balm to my tired and weary soul.  Honestly, I haven’t been doing well lately, I am tired, my relationship with God has not been where I want it to be and I needed to hear Biblical truth.  Her music offered that, constantly reminding me of who God is.  It was an amazing time of worship listening to her music and connecting with God. 

Some people could say that it is all a coincidence.  I firmly believe that this is God working out a lot of insignificant details (Kickstarter, Jumpkick, Ellie Holcomb) to bring me hope and peace and a worshipful heart this past Monday night.  God is so good and He wanted to get my attention.  He did.  God is working out all the insignificant details of our lives. He is so good.

The Post I Have Waited My Whole Life to Write

On October 14, 2011 at 3:15ish, my best friend, Ryan, asked me, Nicole, if I would be his wife. I told him yes. This is the story.

We have had a family trip planned for awhile. Ryan’s family are close and they like to get together. His cousin Laura and her husband Jason work at Hume Lake and were able to get a cabin for a discounted rate, so they decided to get together at the cabin. Not all of the family could make it, but there are ten of us here.

We all arrived around 11:30am. We enjoyed lunch together and after lunch walked around the lake. It is about a 3 mile walk and with the early morning wake up to get to Hume I was pretty tired. We got back to the cabin and everyone decided to go to the lake to canoe and paddle board on the lake. Ryan and I were both tired and decided to stay back. I was thinking I was going to get a nap in. I was wrong. =)

We cuddled for a bit and then Ryan told me to close my eyes. I said no. He said, “Please close your eyes.” I did it and said, “I don’t want to close my eyes.” In that moment I knew what was coming. He opened his bag and scrounged around in there for a little bit. Time stopped. He told me to open my eyes.

In front of me was the man that is my best friend. A man who loves God so much and desires to serve Him with his whole life. A man whom I love. A man who treats me better than I have ever been treated. A man who loves me.

He was on one knee. He had the ring box open (I didn’t look at it at all). He said, “Nicole, will you be my wife?” I said “Yes.” I then said, “Here?” and “Are you kidding?” He asked if I liked the ring. I told him that I didn’t look at it yet. He told me to look at it. Honestly, the ring is perfect. It is beautiful and I love it. He slipped it on and we became engaged.

I proceeded to do something that I now call the creepy laugh. I sat on the couch and laughed in a way that I never have, I also had to do deep breaths. At one point, Ryan looked at me and said “Do you need your inhaler?” The laugh was so weird but it is a hilarious part of the story. I didn’t cry instead I just did a creepy laugh.

For those of you that have known me for a long time, you know that I didn’t expect anything to happen like this. I did think that I wasn’t going to get married or ever be loved by a man in this way. I waited and prayed and hoped for this moment, but honestly I didn’t think it would happen. I love him, he loves me. We are going to get married. If you had told me last October that I would be engaged a year from now, I would have said, there is no way. That is impossible. But God, in His infinite wisdom and timing has done this. To God be the Glory. There is no one else that could have weaved such a beautiful and perfect relationship between two people that love Him and desire to serve Him in every possible way for the rest of their lives. God is faithful. God is good. God is loving. God is personal. God is perfect. God is gracious. God is patient. To God be the Glory.

Here are a couple of pictures of me right after Ryan and I were engaged.

Engaged Couple Photo at Hume Lake

One Month

Edited to add: This is all I wrote for this blog. It wasn’t finished, but I think it is cute now that I will be becoming a McGladdery. (10-18-2012)

It has been one month today. One month since you told me you liked me and my world changed.

It is one month today and I am sitting in your brothers old bedroom at your parents house. In the last three days I have met almost one full side of your family. (Two more tonight and then two more that I will meet in the months to come). And the thing is, I want them to be my family. I want to be a McGladdery.

Part Two

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The girl responded, “Graduation is over tomorrow and then life will be less stressful.” She was trying to avoid his eyes so that he wouldn’t know that he was the cause of some of her stress.

The boy then blurted out, “So, I really like you” emphasizing the word really. The girl wanting to guard her heart looked directly in his eyes and said, “Okay.” The boy looked back at her with caring eyes and said, “I really like you.” She knew at that point exactly what he meant and it was too much for the girl to take.

She looked at him and said, “I really like you too” and laid back on the couch covering her face. It was too much for the girl. He was too great, he was too caring, he was too perfect. It was more than she could take thinking that her prayers may be answered and that someone so great could care for her.

The boy grabbed the girl’s hand, affirming that this did just happen and that she didn’t imagine it all.

The girl had hoped for weeks that the boy would tell her how he felt, but for some reason him blurting it out surprised her.

The boy looked at the girl who promptly covered her face. He said softly to her, “I need you to ask me or tell me everything you need to say so that you can go home and sleep through the night tonight.” Little did the boy know that there wouldn’t be much sleep for the girl no matter how much they talked.

The boy and the girl spent the next hour talking about many different things. The girl had been so guarded that there was a lot to say. She was so overwhelmed and for at least half of that hour she had her face covered by her hands which made the boy smile.

That night the girl had one request. A hug from the boy. She had wanted one for many months but was so glad that she could finally have one from the boy. The boy that really liked her. That night ended with a hug and with both the boy and girl experiencing more joy and excitement than they had in a long while.