So, we had been nervously awaiting “The Call” for a couple weeks.  Any unknown number would send my heart into a flutter.  On April 12th, my phone rang around 5pm.  “Would you be willing to take a 3 month old boy?”  they asked.  I asked for more information, they didn’t have much more. They asked again, “Would you take him?” I said, “Yes” and got off the phone.  I called my husband immediately and said, “I just said yes to a 3 month old boy. He should be here within three hours.”  Ryan was excited, we both had surges of adrenaline.  There was laundry to do and my well planned for and thought through Target run.  

I headed to Target, having to pull over when I got another unknown number call.  He was coming sooner than we thought.  I asked about formula, the worker didn’t know much but said that the county uses Enfamil.  So, I headed to Target.  I got two small packs of diapers because I didn’t know how much he weighted, wipes and infant formula.  

I rushed home and told Ryan that he was coming sooner than we thought.  Our first placement was less than an hour away.  I checked the laundry, started some more and tried to eat dinner.  

We had a knock on the door shortly before 6:30.  They were here.  They brought Samuel* (not his real name) into our home and then ushered us into the kitchen to sign the paperwork.  

We signed the paperwork as the social worker told us that she was fast with placement papers.  We finished signing and talking in about 10 minutes and she left.  

Samuel* cried a lot the first night.  He hadn’t ever been away from his mom (that we know of) and he definitely missed her.  When he finally fell asleep, he slept all through the night.  I didn’t though, I can’t be sure that I slept more than 15 minutes at a time the first night that we had him and it took me weeks to finally sleep through the night. 

So that began our journey as foster parents.  I can say now (almost two months later) that I was totally prepared to be a foster parent, and I was not prepared at all for all that it entailed.  It has been a crazy adventure, filled with moments of weakness, worry and me fretting if we have made the wrong decision to get involved in all of this.  God is working.  He is faithful, but this journey has not been easy for me.  I will write more to come, but wanted to document the initial call on the blog. 

*Samuel is not his given name it is a made up name for the blog.  I cannot blog his name or post it on social media for his and our safety.  

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