Everyone’s timeline for foster care and foster care training is different.  I wanted to document ours so that I could remember the journey that we have taken.  These are all the seemingly insignificant details that have lead us to this point. 

October 25th- We decided  that we were going to pursue foster care in the new year.  

December- At the end of December, we watched a brief orientation video and then filled out a questionnaire. We then signed up for classes.

January 5th- Three Hour Orientation

January 9th- Eight weeks of classes begin each Saturday from 9am-12pm. 

January 21st- TB Testing and Physical

January 26th- Application Submitted to the County

February 11th- Livescan (Fingerprinting)

February 24th- Home Inspection (We passed!)

February 27th- Our eight weeks of classes ended.

March 11th- Our Foster Care License Arrived in the mail.  We are official. 

March 12th- CPR and First Aid

March 16th- PLACEMENT READY!!!

We have a license for one infant 0-2 (hoping for a boy 0-1).  We are now waiting for “the call.” 

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