Dear Little One,

Today you would have been 1 year old.  We would have had a big party, you would have had your first sugar (cake made by mama).  There would be singing, presents, cupcakes and lots of laughter.  Instead, my heart feels empty.  I miss you in my arms, your kisses and your laughter.  I imagine you and your big brother playing.  

I wish that I was exhausted by taking care of two boys.  I wish that I had two little boys laughing and exploring together.  I miss that you would have been crawling by now and maybe even walking.  

I wish that you were with us little one.  You seem like a dream to me, but you weren’t.  You were real, for eight weeks you were mine. I wish that I had more time with you.  I can’t wait to meet you in Heaven. 

You are forever loved and missed by your mama! 

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