To say that I was nervous for our home inspection was probably an understatement.  Now, I wasn’t sick to your stomach nervous (okay, maybe a little) but I had so much nervous energy flowing through my veins.  I felt the adrenaline so clearly rushing through my body.  

We had spent weeks getting the house ready.  I read the ” Do Your Own Home Inspection” form too many times to count.  We had friends who had been through a home inspection over to check out our house and to answer our questions.  We took them on a home tour and asked them questions about each room.  I talked to our LPA (Licensing Program Analyst) and emailed her a couple of times.  We had moved the medicine, cleaning supplies, added a toddler bed to our sons room, moved the mattress up on the crib for a younger child, padlocked our shed, an outdoor cabinet, a cabinet in the garage and cleaned the house.  I read the “Do You Own Home Inspection” again.  I checked and double checked things.  

I was a bit high strung, but felt glad that they were coming in the morning (10:30am) so that I didn’t have to wait long.  

My husband told me that he was taking our son to work for a little while, which was AMAZING.  (Husband of the year: RYAN). That meant that I got some time alone in the house (so good).  I ended up cleaning some more, taking a shower, blow drying my hair and putting on makeup.  He gave me time to finish my tasks and then get ready, so that I was feeling my best.  He knows me well.  It was perfect.  When he came home, he had a decaf skinny caramel latte from Starbucks for me.  Time to take care of myself and my favorite morning drink?  The best. 

They showed up at 10:40 (they called to tell me they would be late).  We were ready.  We slowly walked around the house looking in all the rooms, bathroom and kitchen.  We had to move my knife block to a tall cabinet, and move some drano to the garage, but we did okay other than that.  We went outside and looked at our shed, the other outside cabinet, and then around to the garage.  We unlocked and relocked everything for them.  We showed them ample room for a new baby.  

WE PASSED!!!  Nothing to fix.  We can be placement ready in a couple of weeks after our CPR and First Aid Class.  

They stayed for another hour and a half or so.  We sat at the kitchen table had to sign a bunch of paperwork.  It was about two hours total.  We had seen the majority of the paperwork before at training, but it was a great reminder and nice to make it official. 

We are one step closer to opening up our house.  We are so excited! 

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