With my son, I never really nested.  I have friends who move their fridges right before labor to clean behind them, or spend hours on their hands and knees cleaning the floors of their house to prepare for the baby.  I was working full time up until four days before I had my son.  He surprised us all and came a week early.  I was planning to nest, but never really got to do it. 


So, in January we started our foster care classes, the first part of the nesting that came in was getting all the paperwork and documents filled out and sent in.  This also included a full physical for my husband and I as well as TB tests and livescans for ourselves and my husband’s parents.  Orchestrating it all was a lot, but for an organized person like me, I thrived while putting it all together.  That was sent off at the end of January.  

However, we had a list from the county of everything that we needed to do to get our house ready for licensing.  I started making lists on amazon.  With my son, I got to create a registry of what we needed.  With foster care, I just created personal lists on amazon of what we would need: fire alarm/carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, pad locks, child safety locks, bedding, new toddler bed for our son, and new mattress among other items. I loved making the lists and couldn’t wait to get the green light to start purchasing the items.  I still look at the lists daily to just make sure that I have thought through everything that we need. 

Slowly, I started acquiring stuff that we would need and nesting around our house.  I read and reread the paperwork that they gave us.  I started figuring out exactly what we needed and where it would go.  The fire extinguisher would go beneath the sink, I would move our smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector from our bedroom to the hallway, and then get a new smoke detector for our room, we would need to get at least four different padlocks to lock up our sheds and our cleaning supplies in the garage, child safety locks that actually kept our cabinets closed, I would need to move all of our medicine to a cabinet that locks.  The list was long, but I have loved nesting for foster care.  

Padlock Needed
Using my finger to measure what size padlock was needed for our shed. Everyone does it before having a baby right?

I am not a cleaner, I have never liked cleaning, it is not relaxing or fun for me (who are those women who like cleaning?  I don’t get it). However, with our home inspection looming, I started to notice everything and I desired to clean it.  I wiped down base boards, ceiling fans, cleaned underneath furniture, scrubbed all of my stove burners and the metal parts under them, dusted, organized closets and bookshelves, dusted on top of high things, etc.  For the first time (possibly ever) I was excited and energized to be cleaning my home.  It served a purpose. 

The funnest part of my nesting, was something that I did do for my son, but it was putting together a new toddler bed and then changing his crib (that was set up as a toddler bed) back into a crib.  I raised it up (anticipating a younger baby) and put fresh sheets on the new mattress.  

So, I am now completely nested.  This does not take into account the last minute rush when I find out the exact age of the child that I will be getting and will need to book it to the nearest Target to get diapers, bottles and formula.  As stressful (in a good way) that it may be, I am so excited to make that dash to Target…you can imagine me pretending to be on supermarket sweep grabbing baby things that I need.  =) 

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