So, my blog is the The Insignificant Details, it points to all of the little ways that God moves in our lives and how He is in those details.  This past weekend, I was reminded of this blog’s name and I wanted to document the little insignificant details that led my husband and I to start the foster care process.

In 2005, I moved to Simi Valley.  Three days after moving there I met Todd and Lisa, the High School pastor and his wife.  They became some of my first friends in Simi Valley. 

Some time after that Todd and Lisa decided to start the process to become foster parents, at this time, he was the executive pastor and was preaching a bit more.  Through watching their lives and learning about foster care through them, I started to see how they were being used by God to take care of the modern day orphan in the US: the foster child.

One of my first memories is holding one of their foster kids for the first time.  I held little “I” for an hour of so.  The longest that I had ever held a baby, and the smallest baby that I had every held at that point.  I fell in love with him instantaneously. 

I was single, but I felt that at some point in my life, I would be doing foster care. Todd and Lisa continued to model loving foster children to the church and the church responded.  I watched couple after couple and family after family start the process of fostering children.  Some being able to adopt and others just loving these kiddos until their parents were fit to take them back. 

Flash forward to Ryan and I starting to date.  We had both been at Cornerstone for awhile.  I shared my heart to some day foster, and Ryan told me that he wanted to foster some day too. As we got closer to marriage, we thought that we would have a couple biological kids and then start the process for foster care with the hope of adoption. 

So, foster care was always in our plan, but if you have read my blog for awhile you know that there have been some bumps in the road of “our” plan.  We have miscarried two times and the Lord graciously showed us both that His timing is different from ours.

On October 25th, we both went to church.  While there, I felt so convicted that the time was right to start our journey.  I prayed that Ryan would bring it up without me mentioning it.  We were five minutes into our weekly drive to Costco when he said, “We need to start foster care.”  I was amazed that the Holy Spirit worked in both of our hearts the same way on the same Sunday.  

So, in short, those are the insignificant details that led us to start the foster care journey. James 1:27

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