Many people look to the new year with excitement and hope for what the year may bring.  I have that.  I am excited for what God has been calling my family to.  I am excited to be surprised by my God and all that He has for us.  He surprised us big in 2015 (with the purchase of our house).  

However, I know that in 2016, I am willingly walking into a tornado.  This tornado is going to cause me and my family to be picked up and mixed around in ways that we can’t predict.  We will experience the depth of pain, joy, heartache, loss, love and fear.  We are not sure of where we are going, but we are called to walk straight into the tornado.  We are starting the foster care process.  Tornadophoto source

We have seen so many friends go into this process.  We have seen them come out of it battered, bruised, joyful, fulfilled, stressed and loved.  We have seen them live the gospel in their home.  This is not an easy path, all of them would agree, however, it is a path that is walked because our love for God is greater than our personal comfort. 

So, we are willingly walking into the tornado.  I may share about our journey here (in very vague detail).  Know this, we are scared, excited, terrified and called to this. We know what we are getting into and we have no clue what we are walking into.  But the one thing that we do know is this: our God is good, He has led us here, He will never leave us nor forsake us, He is the one that will be holding us up and allowing us to do this.  To God be the Glory. 

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