Nine years ago, I was nervously getting ready in a hotel room after my move to start working at Eternity. I was getting dressed after ironing my outfit.  I chose a gray skirt with black details at the bottom that was form fitted but not too tight and a white bohemian shirt that tied at the neck.

I left the hotel really nervous and excited to start my new job.  There are so many things that I didn’t know when I started at Eternity, but I am so glad that the Lord has had me here for the last nine years.

When I started at Eternity, I only knew one person on staff, and some junior high students and their pastor who came to a camp I was previously working at.  It didn’t take long for friendships to start and for me to feel at home in my new workplace.

I was surrounded by people (students, staff and faculty) that were seeking after God’s own heart in all that they did.  They wanted to be at Eternity Bible College and wanted to learn about Jesus so that they could serve him better.  At the beginning, I was just the Director of Admissions.  For nine years I have read every application that has come into Eternity.  I have prayed over applicants, been moved by applicants and been amazed to read God’s redemption stories in each of our students.  God is alive and well, he is working and I got to read that in hundreds of stories through the years that proved that to me over and over.

Shortly after arriving at Eternity, I got to start mentoring girls.  I have had many different “DLABs” through my nine years and have lived with two different houses filled with girls from Eternity and beyond.  I expected to pour my life out and give all that I have to loving and caring for the students at Eternity.  What I didn’t expect was for mentoring relationships to turn into friendships and encouragement in my life.  I didn’t expect to mentor someone who would in turn become one of my best friends and would stand next to me in my wedding.  I didn’t expect to get back as much love as I gave and to be driven closer to the Lord through the girls who I was privileged to serve at Eternity.  I didn’t expect to love the girls that I have mentored through the years as much as I do, and I didn’t expect that love not to fade.

As the years went by, I gained more positions at the college, Director of Student Life, Registrar, Food Services Manager, Director of Disability Services and Travel Coordinator to name a few official and unofficial roles that I have played in the college.  Each one has grown me and changed me.

I used to be much more high strung and simple things used to really cause me to stress out.  The nine years here have mellowed me.  It is hard for me to get too stressed out anymore.  I have learned grace, patience and kindness, both towards others and towards myself.

I have gained family.  My coworkers are my family who know me so well and have prayed for me and challenged me over the years in my walk with God.  They have loved me well and desired God’s best for me.  I am a better person and Christian because I have them in my life.  I am blessed by each of them and how they challenge and love me.  They have led me to Christ so many times; their examples of how to love Jesus have changed me.  They have caused me to rely on Jesus more, to store up Scripture in my heart and to trust in God even when it was hard.

Over the last two years I have gained two more titles: wife and mom.  In a few short weeks I will leave Eternity as a full time staff member to be a stay at home mom.  I will still work for Eternity part-time, but I won’t be doing the things that I have been doing for the past nine years.  Honestly, I am so scared to make this transition, but I know that God has had me every step of the last nine years and He won’t leave me now.

I have never taken a class for credit at Eternity Bible College but this college has shaped my life and changed me in so many amazing ways.  I have cherished all of the last nine years of being on staff here.  Glory to God for all that He has done.  Thank you Lord.




The Fall 2005 Eternity Staff: Sameer, Joshua, Geoff, Linda, Me, Katie and Spencer.