Month: December 2013

A Day in the Life- Monday, December 2nd

Monday is my hardest day of the week.  I wanted to document what the day looks like so that I don’t forget.  My hubby teaches for 9 hours on Monday and I prepare two meals for his students.  Breakfast and Dinner.  I have the boy all day while my hubby teaches and I am also responsible to work at my job while I do all of this.

Here is the schedule today:

6:30am- My boy wakes up and I feed him and change him.

7:00am- Check the recipes for breakfast and set out the serving utensils and paper plates etc. Start laundry for my boy.

7:30am- Get the cinnamon rolls that I made last night out of the oven to be cooked. Preheat the oven.

7:45am- Quickly get ready for the day: hair, makeup, and get dressed.

8:00am- Put the cinnamon rolls in the oven. Start cracking eggs for scrambled eggs. Make the frosting from scratch for the cinnamon rolls.

8:30am – Students arrive and breakfast comes out of the oven/off the stove and the food gets good reviews.  It was my first time making cinnamon rolls. Also, the boy goes down for his morning nap.  I do dishes between now and 9.

9:00am- The first class starts.   I use nap time to chop food for tonight: onions and sausage.  The hubby prepped all of the other veggies for dinner last night.

9:25am- My boy wakes up.  Head back to my room to feed him.

9:45am- Put the boy in his Jumperoo and log onto my email to work.  Answer emails while smiling at my son and making sure he knows that I am watching him.  There are big mirror closet doors in my room so that helps.  Answer emails as quickly as I can.

11:15am- Change the boy’s diaper and put him down for a nap.  Run out to the kitchen to make the cornbread for tonight.  Make two pans of cornbread.

12:00pm- Class is out and I start to make myself lunch.

12:15pm- The boy wakes up early.  I get him, put him in a chair in the kitchen and continue making lunch and waiting for the corn bread to finish.

12:30pm- Cornbread is finished, go back to my room and feed my son.

1:00pm- Meet with the girl that I disciple to talk life.

2:00pm- The second class starts. I take the boy back to the bedroom to hang out and play until nap time.

2:30pm- I put the boy down for a nap. I quickly answer more emails and send out some registration emails.  Prepare the kitchen for the evening meal.

3:50pm- I wake the boy up so that I have time to feed him and start cooking to have dinner ready at 5:00pm.

4:10pm- I start the Jambalya.  The boy is in a chair with me in the kitchen.  Once the Jambalya is cooking, I start to make rice krispie treats for the students. I also put out the salad, salad dressing, corn bread and butter.

5:00pm- Class is over and dinner isn’t quite ready, the rice didn’t set.

5:10pm- Dinner is ready and put it out.  The students start eating.  As they finish something I try to clean it.  The students and my hubby watch the boy while I get everything done.  I also eat during this time.

6:00pm- Class starts and I get things ready to feed my son some sweet potatoes.  He is a bit impatient as he loves to eat them and doesn’t want to stop.  I think he straight up sucks the food down rather than enjoying it.  It reminds me of me.  Note to self: break the boy of eating fast, teach him to enjoy food.

6:30pm- Head back to the room.  Have some tummy time with my boy and try to get him to learn how to make consonant and vowel noises.

7:00pm- Feed my son.

7:20pm- Change my boy’s diaper and get him in his Jammies.

7:25pm- Read him the “Going to Bed Book” twice.  Rock him while reading.

7:30pm- Put the boy down awake. Tell him I love him and shut the door.

7:35pm- Go out to the kitchen and start cleaning the dishes from dinner.  Dry and put away all dishes that I can. Start the dishwasher.

8:15pm- Come back to the room stopping at the dryer to get out the clothes that I washed this morning.  Check my email again.

8:20pm- Fold clothes and pick a cheesy movie to watch.  Start this blog.

9:00pm- Class ends (my hubby is done with his 9 hours of teaching)! Sit in bed blogging and watching the cheesy movie.

9:25pm- Go and put the clothes away in my boy’s room try not to wake him at all.

9:30pm-Finish this blog while my hubby reads a book next to me.

That wasn’t all of my day but it was most of it (there were more diaper changes etc). For the most part I am super glad that I get to serve the college students by feeding them and that I get to hang out with my boy at home while working but it is somewhat exhausting as well.  Monday’s are so exhausting, but it gets the day over and we can move onto Tuesday.

Insignificant Details of November

Each month I will write down some insignificant details that happened.  Some months it will be each day and some months it will be a summary.  This is so that I can see the insignificant details that God is working together in my life for His story.  They usually aren’t big events, but God is working in all of the details big or small.

The details:

November 1- The in-laws came into town to visit and watch the boy.

November 2- Date day with my hubby.  Massages. Sushi. Despicable Me 2. Pasadena. El Cholo Cafe. Yogurtland.  Time spent with my hubby without the boy.  It was a gift.

November 3- Malibu. Paradise Cove Beach Cafe.

November 4- An answered prayer.

November 5- Prayers from a friend.  A church friend helping me with something important. A mild panic attack that reminded me that God is with me at all times.

November 6th- Peace for something coming.

November 7th- Student lunch with some previous graduates that are reaching unreached people groups.  So encouraging.  A tough conversation that closed a door for me.

November 8th- Broomball and old friends coming into town.

November 9th- A day with the boy, shopping and getting stuff done.

November 10th- Almost finishing the boy’s room.  (he is almost six months old).

November 11th- Foundations breakfast and dinner.  Seeing God work in the lives of students.

November 12th- Getting broken by my physical therapist and knowing that I am slowly healing from giving birth to the boy.

November 13th- An encouraging conversation at work. Seeing the body of Christ work. Total body pain from physical therapy. Making cookies for my man.  Running into my friend Alison at Cost Plus after talking that day about missing her.

November 14th- Free blogging with the hubby after he cleaned the kitchen for me. Snuggles with my boy.

November 15th- Dinner with family, a funny movie, the end of a long work week.

November 16th- Visiting the library, park and having my son see ducks for the first time.  Rolling around on the floor playing as a family.

November 17th- Getting to grocery shop alone.  Taking a 1.5 hour nap on the couch.

November 18th- Discovering the music of Ellie Holcomb while giving my boy zerberts and listening to him laugh.

November 19th-  A huge answer to prayer for my hubby and I. Hanging out with Elyse, videoing my boy laughing while bouncing in his jumperoo.  Snuggling with him while he cries.

November 20th- A crock pot meal, baby falling asleep easily, a great discussion with the hubby about our future.

November 21st- Another crock pot meal, some shopping for the roommate’s birthday breakfast and dinner.

November 22nd- Two of my favorite people’s Birthdays! Clean bill of health for the boy at his six month appointment.

November 23rd- My boy’s 6 month birthday and a party for our roommate.

November 24th- Day at home, watched an excellent sermon on podcast, asked for forgiveness from hubby and received it. The boy tried solids for the first time.

November 25th- An amazing day at work with the boy.

November 26th- Time to myself at night.

November 27th- A half day and preparing for Thanksgiving.

November 28th- Being about to play football with my hubby’s family.  Introducing my boy to a side of my hubby’s family that I haven’t seen yet, thankful hearts.

November 29th- A great deal on a gift for my boy for Christmas. Getting to visit the Getty Villa with my inlaws.  Seeing an ancient artifact of a King mentioned in Scripture.

November 30th- Movie date to Hunger Games while my in-laws watched the boy. Turkey “leftovers” that I made fresh.

There are so many insignificant details this month that have helped me grow and helped my relationship with the Lord grow. If I hadn’t been keeping tabs on each day this month I could probably have said that I didn’t see God do much.  I would have stayed in my full-time wife, full-time mom, full-time job fogginess and wouldn’t have seen the little things that added up to my story of what God has done.  He has blessed me with in-laws that drive 6 hours to watch our boy so that the hubby and I can go out.  He has started to put pieces together for changes that are coming with my family. He is working.  God is showing me in the little things what I have missed about His tender love.  He is the only reason that my life makes sense.  I so often forget that He is working in all things.  He hasn’t forgotten about me. That is a truth that I need to remind myself of each day.