Month: November 2013

The Insignificant Details: Jumpkick and Kickstarter

I have developed a love for Kickstarter.  There is something about helping someone have a dream come true that I just love.  I got hooked on Kickstarter because a show that I have always loved started a Kickstarter to get a movie made.  (Veronica Mars).  I was able to become a backer and the movie is in the process of being made, it felt amazing to support something that I had hoped for.

My hubby loves Kickstarter as well.  He has backed two different board games that we hope to play with our boy some day.  Robot Turtles, a game that will teach our son the basics of computer programming and a game called Kings of Israel which should help our boy understand the Old Testament a bit more.

I have some friends who are amazing at building websites, programs, etc.  A while ago I was talking to one of them at an event.  He mentioned that they were building a website called Jumpkick which helps people to find Kickstarter projects that they may want to support. Well, the website finally launched earlier this week.  I excitedly went and checked it all out.  

While browsing I saw a graphic for a “Rising Star” (now “Overachiever”) that had the tagline, “I wrote 10 brand new songs with scripture woven into the melodies. I need your help to record & share them. Let’s make music together!”  It was for an artist named Ellie Holcomb.  Someone whom I had never heard of.  I clicked on the graphic and was led to her Kickstarter page.  I watched her video and fell in love with what I saw. 

Jumpkick Screenshot

I quickly went to youtube to try to listen to some of her other music.  The best way that I can describe what I heard was that it was balm to my tired and weary soul.  Honestly, I haven’t been doing well lately, I am tired, my relationship with God has not been where I want it to be and I needed to hear Biblical truth.  Her music offered that, constantly reminding me of who God is.  It was an amazing time of worship listening to her music and connecting with God. 

Some people could say that it is all a coincidence.  I firmly believe that this is God working out a lot of insignificant details (Kickstarter, Jumpkick, Ellie Holcomb) to bring me hope and peace and a worshipful heart this past Monday night.  God is so good and He wanted to get my attention.  He did.  God is working out all the insignificant details of our lives. He is so good.

Ikea Tarva Dresser Hack for a Boy’s Nursery

Ombre Dresser Collage

When deciding how I wanted my son’s room to look I was unsure. I know that I didn’t want animals or sports so most of the bedding/decorations on the market were out of the running from the get go.  After lots of looking around the internet and baby nursery design sites I decided on a blue travel themed room.  I will post more of the before and after of the boy’s nursery but this post is strictly about the dresser.

I visited pinterest and blogs about refinishing furniture, tried to find something that I could refinish and then ended up buying an unfinished Ikea Tarva Dresser to paint.  I was 8 months pregnant at the time and decided that it would be easier to just be able to paint without sanding.  On Pinterest I kept seeing all of these cool ombre dressers.  I decided to try the trendy ombre and see how it turned out.

This is the ikea tarva dresser right after assembly.
This is the ikea tarva dresser right after assembly.

The assembly took me around 5 hours I believe (I was super preggo at the time).  If you ever buy something from Ikea, go to the parts department before you leave and get the little fat screws.  Yes, ikea furniture comes with all the screws but there is something about the short fat screws that leaves me so frustrated.  They strip pretty easily and I wished that I had a few extras while putting this baby together.  It would have saved time and stress.

After it was together, I just started to apply the paint with a brush.  (For those of you concerned about painting as a pregnant lady, I only painted outside in our backyard.  It was very open and breezy so I didn’t have to worry about paint fumes).  A great tip is to buy the middle of the road brushes.  I didn’t and wish that I had brushes that were better.  I am too cheap to buy the most expensive brushes, so I would recommend getting some that are right in the middle of the price range.  I had gotten paint chips (are they still called that) at Home Depot and had picked my favorite three colors.  I also got 2 paint samples of their white.

3 paint samples of different blues that I loved and brushes.
3 paint samples of different blues that I loved and brushes.

Again, buy the good brushes (I didn’t).  The white paint sample didn’t need to be mixed, I literally picked it off of the paint sample shelf.

Behr Premium Plus from Home Depot
Behr Premium Plus from Home Depot

I didn’t prime at all but just started painting. (UPDATE: I would recommend priming all of the dark wood knots that are naturally in the wood.  After a year, they are starting to show through).  As I painted I worried a bit about the color as they always look a bit different.  The colors that I picked were (lightest to darkest) Ocean Tropic, Warm Spring and Planetarium. I believe that they are all Behr paints.  The colors were great.  

I painted the drawer and let them dry and then did a second coat. I only painted the drawer face and left the rest unfinished.  You have to be careful around the edges as paint will pool there.  My hubby helped with painting the dresser white.  We moved them to the garage after they dried and before adding the poly top coat.   We used this for a top coat.   Also, for the Polycrylic, make sure that you use a brush specifically for that.  This part may be a bit expensive but that is okay.  My hubby did the Polycrylic because we couldn’t really find anything online about a pregnant lady painting with it.  We figured better safe than sorry. We waited overnight for it to dry and then my hubby did another coat.  (2 coats paint, two coats poly give plenty of time for it to dry between coats).

I looked all over for dresser knobs that I like, but I wasn’t in love with anything and the frugal part of me was screaming out, “They came with the dresser already, just use those.” I ended up dipping the wood knobs that we received with the dresser in white paint, setting them on foam plates and then dipping them again (the foam plates are essential here because you can peel the knobs off of the foam, but you would just rip paper plates).  After they dried I screwed them onto the dresser and I felt like they completed the dresser in a great way.

With that said, here is the finished product.  I love how it turned out.

Here it is! The finished dresser!
Here it is! The finished dresser!

Dresser Picture