So, I am writing a Memorial Box Monday post from Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity. She encourages us to remember God’s faithfulness by writing down what God has done in our lives.

This story starts almost a year ago. I was living with my best friend Caitlin and her husband Mark. I had been living with them and their first born Hayden since September of 2008. In December of 2009 Caitlin was about 3 weeks from giving birth to their second child, Hannah. In my times with the Lord I felt him whispering that I needed to move out of Mark and Caitlin’s house. The idea scared me because I wasn’t sure what the Lord wanted me to do next or where I would live (it is too expensive for me to live on my own). I didn’t tell anyone what I felt the Lord was calling me to do. I didn’t know how to tell my pregnant best friend that I felt like I was supposed to move out. I just kept praying about it and hoping that the Lord would reveal it to me in a loud and clear way.

Well, on January 11th my boss called me into his office (I work at a small Bible College, he is not only my boss, but my friend and someone that I consider a pastor to me). He told me that he had been talking to the Academic Dean and that they thought that I needed to move out. I was shocked. I told him that the Lord had been impressing it on my heart to move out as well. He said he saw two options, one was to move into a house with another couple and the second was to start a house with the college girls that I minister to. I prayed about both options and finally two weeks later after more prayer I told Mark and Caitlin. (They were both great about it and supportive.

I knew that if I was called to do a discipleship house it would be right before the semester began the following semester (August of 2010). I prayed through each option that came up. I felt God calling me (and it was confirmed by Josh, my boss) that I should do the discipleship house. It seemed like what God was calling me to.

I started to talk to some of the college girls, and kept hitting walls; either they already had a place or they didn’t feel that being in this house was what God wanted them to do. I was discouraged but knew that God was going to work it out if it was his will.

Our God does not work on my schedule. =) He only works on His perfect schedule. He did not do this in my time but slowly I got two girls new to EBC who wanted to live in this house. They would both be moving to EBC. In July, I confirmed four more girls. We finally had the girls to fill a house. But, we didn’t have a house.

I prayed and prayed. The girls prayed. I toured houses every day only to be discouraged by no one being willing to rent their house to us or making it difficult. I asked God to make a way for us and to help us find a place. Every place that I went to many people were also touring the house. I knew that God wanted to do this but I needed him to have someone find favor in me.

On one of the many days of searching (probably on and off for one week) I pulled up to this house. I met the realtor and went in. The minute I stepped in I felt that this was our house. I started praying that the realtor would find favor in us (and me). I started to tell her that I worked at a Bible College and that I wanted to do a discipleship house with a group of girls, that we were all nice girls and Christians. She then said it, “Oh, I am a Christian too!”

From there I asked about the process and how to begin. It was still another couple of weeks (and the ups and downs of trying to sign a lease, getting credit checks etc), but the lease was signed and we were given the keys. So I have placed a key in my memorial box to remind myself of how God allowed our realtor and the landlord to find favor in us.

PS. A side story is about the keys. It took so long to find the girls, the house, to sign the lease and to actually get the keys, I felt like God was trying to test my patience and trust in Him. When the realtor came with the keys she started laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She said well here are your house keys. She then handed me these:

It was the most keys I had ever seen for one house. They aren’t copies, they actually all open different locks. I couldn’t help but laugh as I felt this process was long and hard and then God gives me all these keys to deal with. I felt like we were laughing together. Our God does have a sense of humor!