I know that no one reads my blog and I am okay with that, for the off chance that someone is reading, here is where I am at in life.

One month ago I moved into a house with 6 EBC girls. I have been praying since January about this and after what felt like forever, God did it. He moved me in with my precious college students.

These girls are amazing, but more than that, as a 30 year old single woman I feel like I am right in the midst of God’s will for my life. I haven’t necessarily felt that way for the past few years and now I do. I love that my days are filled with hugs, advice, I love you’s and prayer. These girls have changed me already. God has changed me. I am daily becoming less selfish and more giving every time I step foot in the door.

God is working. He is doing what He does best, being in control of everything. I am just so glad to be in the midst of what he is doing with these 6 girls.

*The picture is 6 out of 7 of us at a Dodger game last weekend.