I have tried to figure out what to write here about this wedding and decided to post the letter that I wrote Kimberly and Derek on their wedding day because it was the only thing that really explained my feelings that day. It is below and long so you may not want to read it but I wanted to post it because of how their love story encourages me. God answered so many prayers through uniting this couple in marriage.

Kimberly and Derek,

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. I am blessed beyond belief to know both of you and to be allowed to stand beside you as you journey into this next step of married life. I have written this letter many times in my head and have always wanted to make sure that you both received it. It is a letter, a toast, and a commitment to you both.

Kimberly, I have been friends with you for so long and seen you grow and change so much through the years. From the first moment that I heard of Derek I knew that this was “the one.” I remember telling you before your first date to not freak out and that it was just a nice guy and a nice girl going out to have a nice time. Your first date was what dreams are made of and Derek created the perfect date and way to get to know you best. I remember talking to you after your first date being shocked that you didn’t even notice that there were breadsticks on the table at Olive Garden because you were so nervous. After the first date, it was reaffirmed in my heart that Derek was the one for my best friend. The second date with Derek taking you to his favorite places was also one more example of the man that Derek is, he told you that night that he didn’t date just to date but that he dated for the purpose of marriage and wanted to guard your heart. While hearing all this I became more and more excited about the relationship that you were starting and how these first dates were building the foundation to a Godly relationship between two people. Derek’s character was seen again on Valentine’s day when he brought you soup because you were sick. My favorite part of this story though was on February 18th when you had your DTR at Salt Creek. The next morning you called and I was in the grocery store. You told me what happened and I quizzed you on what Derek is to you now. I loved that you couldn’t say it because it was so new, so different, and so unreal. By the end of the conversation, I had gotten you to say it: Boyfriend. Derek was your boyfriend.

Derek, I got to meet you a bit after this. You were official, Kimberly was now saying out loud that you were her boyfriend, and you were in a full fledged relationship. We met in Pasadena where I was able to see first hand that you had seen some of the quirks that I love about Kimberly and accepted them. (Primarily that she has to have all the same edition of books in a series so that they all match). As I drove home that night I cried. I cried because that was the night that I knew that I was giving my best friend to her new best friend, that man that would become her husband. I realized that Kimberly having you in her life meant that our relationship would change, but in the best way possible. God was granting her prayers, desires, and wishes for a Godly husband in you, and I was blessed enough to see it all take shape.

It was amazing to see your relationship change and mature over the next few months. It was awesome to have Kimberly tell me that she loved you but was waiting to tell you until you told her. The story of the night that you told her that you loved her could be in any romantic movie. It was perfect. We all know what came next (after the kissing), the night that you asked Kimberly to marry you. That brings us to today, the day that you and Kimberly get married and commit to God that you are in this for His glory!

Kimberly and Derek, I am so excited to move into this next step of friendship with you both. As I stand next to you on your wedding day, I am also committing to your relationship, as you have said vows; these are my vows to you both as your friend.

Kimberly, I promise to always be a listening ear, a friend who encourages and loves you. I promise to pray for you as Derek’s wife and to make the drive to Diamond Bar whenever you need me to. I promise that I will laugh with you in the good times, cry with you in the sad times, and be still with you when words aren’t necessary. I promise to be the best “auntie” I can to any kids you have in future. I promise that we will still go out and have fun girl times together even when you are an old married person and I am an old single/maybe married person. =) Finally, I promise that I will encourage you to be the wife that is seen in scripture who loves, takes cares of, nurtures, and submits to her husband in both hard times and the best ones.

Derek, I promise that I will be a friend to Kimberly who encourages her to stand by her vows that she said today. I promise that I will support you both in any way that God chooses to move in your life to bring you closer to Him. I promise that I will direct her back to you if she is angry. I promise that I will pray for you as the leader and head of your household. I promise that I will be the best sister in Christ that I can be to you. Finally I promise to only root for USC if I am watching a football game with you, even if I am secretly rooting for the other team.

As you hopefully know, I love you both and am so excited to see what God will do in your life over the years to come. Thank you for being my friend and allowing me to be a part of your wedding day! Congratulations on your marriage!!

Love, Nicole