Month: August 2009

Surprised by Grace

This blog is mainly written because I don’t want to forget these seemingly insignificant details that have happened over the last few days which have been given to me as a gift from God.
I have seen that CS Lewis has a book called Surprised by Joy and though I have never read it, it may be creeping up on my must read list after this weekend. This weekend I was surprised by grace. The great grace that only can be received by God. The last few months have been hard for me. (Probably one of the reasons that I haven’t been blogging). I have felt distant from the Lord and like I wasn’t doing enough, saying enough, worshipping enough, being Christian enough, embracing community enough, and serving enough. My relationship with God was becoming about works and I wasn’t measuring up. But God got my attention this weekend. He surprised me with Grace. He surprised me because nothing in my life changed but He came anyways, and blessed me anyways even though I felt like I didn’t deserve it or should even receive it. Grace, grace God’s grace. I still don’t get why He did it, but I know that it changed things with me. I feel different than I did last Thursday. The guilt and regret has gone and grace and mercy have filled those places in my heart and mind. I am worthy because God considers me His daughter. He has granted me grace in spite of my sinfulness.
Grace came in many different forms. Here are just a few:
Grace in seeing my best friend get married to the most amazing perfect for her man, who swept her off of her feet and is God’s tangible answer to her years of prayers.
Grace came in a long conversation with someone I didn’t know before Friday but that encouraged me in ways I wasn’t anticipating.
Grace in two sweet worship songs that I sung at the top of my lungs on my drive home from the wedding which included the lines: “your love is deeper than my view of grace, higher than this worldly place, longer than the road I travel, wider than the gap you fill” and “you make all things work together for my good, you stay the same through the ages, your love never changes, there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning, and when the ocean’s rage I don’t have to be afraid because I know that you love me and your love never fails.”
Grace in the amazing sunset surrounded me with as I was singing at the top of my lungs about His grace and His love.
Grace in the way that the mountains looked as I drove into Simi Valley.
In the grace that I received from God I found Hope. Hope that I was lacking in the past few months. I lost hope, and now I have it again, but not the silly hope based on feelings, but the hope that comes from knowing that I have a heavenly Father who loves me enough to send His Son to die on the cross for my sins the ultimate grace. Grace provides hope, and hope is like a cold gust of wind on a terrifically hot day.

Wow! It’s been awhile.

I can’t believe that it has almost been a year since I have blogged. So many things have happened in the last 10 months.
Caitlin and I starting making cupcakes…amazing cupcakes that we give to people and that we eat when we are hungry. We get all the ideas from a cute cupcake book but we have a blast making them!

These ones have chocolate butterflies on top that we made.
Snowman Families!
Josh and Ali got married!! November 22, 2008! They met at EBC and I had the pleasure to be involved in Ali’s life as her DLAB leader! It was a great day!

I had an amazing DLAB with these girls! I love them all so much!!!

This is our Christmas tree at home (Simi Valley) It was so fun to pick it out with Mark and Caitlin!

Hayden sitting on my bed around Christmas time! He is so cute!

Steve and Nadia  got married on January 2, 2009!!!! I got to see every aspect of their relationship as I walked with Nadia! Their wedding was beautiful and tearful (I was a mess) and I was so proud of her that day!

We made Gluten Free Cupcakes with Susan!!! They were delicious!!!

Laura Beuving and I at the 2nd Annual EBC Mini Golf Tournament

I got to go to Portland to see Geoff and Stacy in April! Bella is getting so big!! It was fun to be with my family again. I miss them a ton!

Geoff and Stacy at the Wedding!!

Ashley and Coty at their Wedding! April 4. 2009! Ashley was in my Bible Study and then moved to Portland with the church plant. They have since moved back to Moorpark and I get to see her every now and again at church.

One more picture of Bella! She is so precious. I absolutely love the pigtails. A great reader at such a young age! =)

Susan and I on an adventure to Santa Monica.

Dannie and Summer at the Getty with their new tattoos! My quote, “You know those are forever right?”

My Spring DLAB with Michelle and Kiara.

My Birthday Surprise from the EBC Office on my 29th! They were so delicious!!!

Hannah and Kris got married on July 11, 2009. What an amazing day! I have been walking with Hannah for 2 years now and it was so fun to see her finally marry her best friend!

Hannah and I on her big day! A note on this dress. You will see it in all 3 Summer 2009 weddings. I wanted a new dress to go to all these weddings in and I figured because no one would be at all three that it was a perfect excuse to buy a dress I really love. God completely blessed me in my shopping and at the last minute I found a dress that I felt great in and that I loved. God is in all the insignificant details, even the ones that involve black, white, and red dresses.

Sarah and I in Pittsburgh at Primanti Bros. Great sandwiches jammed with fries and coleslaw.

The Centre Market in Wheeling, West Virginia! It was so great to be in someplace so historic!

The waterfront in Wheeling!

Momentum 2009. Always one of the best weeks of my year. This year was no exception. I had a great time connecting with “old’ friends from CE National. This is picture of Fee and if you know me you know that I love worshipping with Fee. The guys not only are great musicians but love the Lord and desire for all the glory to go to God in everything that they do.

The Duquesne Incline…A funicular of sorts. It gave a great look at Pittsburgh!

Jeffrey and Stephanie…July 26, 2009. Stephanie was my college roommate! It was a fun Santa Barbara wedding!

Me with Jeffrey and Stephanie! It was fun to coordinate their reception and be able to serve them in that way. I really enjoyed it!

So there is more on the way…this past weekend was Kimberly’s wedding. Also, a post on grace. I am writing it right now. I will post more soon!