Month: May 2008

Birthday Week

So this past week was a big week for me. It was the week leading up to my 28th Birthday. Each day prior to my birthday God gave me a special gift and I wanted to blog about it so that I remember to be thankful for what God has given me.

Wednesday May 21

David Cook won American Idol! It was such an exciting night that shocked me. I was not expecting my favorite guy to win. I was expecting David Archuleta to win and it was so exciting that David Cook won instead.

Thursday May 22

The work ladies took me out to lunch for my birthday. It was really special because in four birthday’s here there had never been a lunch from the ladies I work with. It was great to spend time with Suzy, Becky, Sandy, Kelly, Kristen and Yvonne.

I also got to cook a scrumptious dinner with Caitlin and hold my precious nephew Hayden.

Friday May 23

After years of wanting a video of Francis to be posted on our website, my dream came true. Mark worked on it a ton and it finally happened. I can’t believe it. (check out to see the video, just click on Francis’ face).

Also, my long lost friend Mindy called me and asked to go to lunch with me. We went out to Sharkey’s and got to catch up, it was really nice. I only see her every few months so it was a good time.

Saturday May 24

I just had a chill day at home and relaxed and watched movies most of the day. It was good to just be around the house.

Sunday May 25

This day held an amazing surprise. I got to make rainbow lemon cupcakes with Jennifer and her friend (which was a fun experiment), and went to church at seven, but the surprise was when Kimberly called and said that her and her boyfriend (who I really like) were in town and wanted to stop by and say hi. (For more info on that see the post: an unexpected visit). It was a gift from God to have them come.

Monday May 26

I came back from my morning walk and the Larcombs were all loading into their truck and asked if I wanted to go to breakfast with them. I climbed in and we went out to breakfast. It was really fun to be with the whole family. The Drinkhall family also joined us, and they are a lot of fun as well. There was constant conversation.

I also got to scrapbook which I haven’t done in forever. It was so good to get more done. I made it through November 16th and EBC’s trip to Wicked.

Tuesday May 27

Brittany took me out to lunch at Musashi, which is a fabulous Japanese food restaurant. It was so so good. We ate in the Teppan section of the restaurant which was amazing. I had never been to a place like this where they prepared the food right in front of you! It was great!! The food was so delicious. I had salmon and Brittany had filet minon. The food and service was outstanding.

That night, the Larcombs threw me a surprise dinner party with a whole bunch of EBC students and the Beuvings and Kristen also came. Everything that they served had beans in it which are my favorite. Beans are amazing!

Wednesday May 28th

I showed up at work to find Mark there early as well as three girls: Hannah, Christine, and Mallory which had decorated my office with streamers, presents, and two huge signs. It was awesome. Kristen later showed up with balloons and the day started.

Everyone wished me a Happy Birthday who came into the office due to my streamers. Emily came and took me to lunch at Corner Bakery, it was so tasty!

The Snee’s took me out to dinner, it was amazing. We went to Sushi Traditions and had great food. I loved it. Mark had to leave to go to The Rock, and Caitlin surprised me with two little Ben and Jerry’s Ice Creams.

After that Christine came over and we went and rented Bella and grabbed some frozen yogurt. It was so good. Bella was an interesting movie and it was a fun night.

Overall, my birthday week was amazing. Thanks to all my friends who made it so special. I feel so hopeful for 2008 and hope that it will be amazing.

An Unexpected Visit

It was about halfway into our conversation when I realized that my face hurt from smiling. I must have been smiling the entire time we were talking. I can’t remember the last time my face hurt from smiling.

It was an unexpected visit, an amazing surprise just a few days before my birthday. I received the text from Kimberly around 5:30 saying that she and her boyfriend Derek were in the neighboring town. A few texts later we planned to meet at Starbuck’s around 9.

I beat them to Starbuck’s and when Derek and Kimberly walked in, and I couldn’t hide how much it meant to me that they were here. A few minutes into the conversation and I knew that they also knew how much it meant to me that they came to visit.

The beautiful part about it is that we didn’t do anything abstract or necessarily special. We just talked, laughed and learned more about each other. It was amazingly normal without pressure or expectation. I was genuinely who I am as were they. It was refreshing.

It was a true picture of how relationships should be in my opinion. Three friends sitting around telling stories about their lives and laughing. There should always be laughing.

They left about an hour after they arrived, and I went home feeling refreshed and myself again. I feel so thankful that God would bless me with their friendship. I just can’t wait until I see them again. My face hurts from smiling just thinking about it.