As I watched the UHAUL go the opposite direction in my rear view mirror, I choked back tears and thought back to the first time that we met. It seemed ironic that it began distinctly backwards. It was me that was driving up in the UHAUL one Friday morning 14 months ago.

“Do you need help with those boxes?” Susan asked after coming home to find me unloading my things and moving in.

“You can but you don’t have to.” I replied. She immediately grabbed two and headed into my room asking me where I would like the boxes. She then went out again and again until all the boxes were safely stowed in my room.

“Let me know if you need anymore help.” She said as she set the last box down.

“Thank you I will.” I replied knowing that I wouldn’t ask her for help because I didn’t want to be a bother.

Looking back I didn’t have a clue as to what God was doing and how He was giving me a kindred spirit to be a constant companion and friend to me over the next year.

Susan and I both lived with Geoff and Stacy, a young married couple who had people live with them to help with the rent, and live in community with other believers. Susan and I were single 26 and 27 year old Christian women when we moved in together and little did I know that it would be the beginning of a friendship that I cherish in ways I never could have imagined.

Over the last fourteen months, she has been an amazing friend. She daily shows me an example of how I should be living as a Christian woman and how giving to others freely is easier than it sounds. She does it effortlessly and doesn’t think about herself. She has advised me, listened to me when I cried, comforted me when I had my heart broken. She has truly been the true meaning of a friend. Over the past year, we have come to laugh at the same jokes, cry at the same things, support one another in hard times, encourage one another and point each other back to the Bible when one of us has lost sight (it was usually me that needed the pointing).

The time came for us to move and without talking about it directly we both knew that we would do it together and help each other in every step of the move. We knew that even though we wouldn’t be living together, we had to move together. It was Susan who rented the UHAUL and then told me that we would move me first in the morning with the UHAUL that she rented. It took us one full day to pack us both up and say goodbye to the house that we lived in and our year together.

As she drove away, I wondered if she knew how she changed me as a person and as a friend. We now live a ten minute drive away and are both completely blessed with the situations that God has placed us in. I honestly think that a piece of me will always miss coming home and hanging out with her at the end of each day, but I also know that God has only closed the chapter of our lives where we live together and not the chapter of our friendship. I am blessed beyond belief to have her in my life, and look forward to the next stage of our friendship one that requires more work than just a four step walk down the hall.